Benefits of Renting a Vacation Home: Skipping Out on the Excess Fees

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So you want to plan a trip to Disney World this summer? Let’s picture you want to plan your vacation at a hotel…You have the kids, the spouse, luggage, and all your snacks etc. You finally get to your destination hotel late one night and all you want to do is lie down and get a few hours of sleep before the all day affair in the parks.

Then you get hit with the $35 dollar per night parking fee, the lack of parking spaces, the room being nowhere near your parking spot, the kids in the room next door screaming, crying, or both. Let’s not forget the internet fees, exercise room fees, toilet usage fees, and whatever other silly fee they come up with next. I’m sure none of these fees were in your initial budget either.

After spending so much to go to Disney World why do you want to torture yourself with extra fees?!

So with that being said, why would you want to decide on renting a vacation home? Simply because when you see our weekly price we tell you exactly what is given to you. We don’t hide the small print or create false hopes on saving hundreds of dollars just to be bombarded later on. Plus, when you do add in all those extra fees and taxes renting a vacation home evens out to be the same cost as staying at an average hotel room. 

However, depending on how much you value peace of mind and privacy, renting a vacation home can be considered priceless! Now imagine that same situation as before but this time you’re heading to one of our gorgeous vacation homes… You have the kids, the spouse, luggage, and all your snacks etc. you arrive in the driveway, bring your luggage inside to find clean and spacious rooms, take a tour of your new ‘home’ and easily fall asleep in one of our luxurious beds.

We know you have a busy vacation ahead of you, especially if you’re including all-day affairs at Disney, so we’re here to assure you can rest up as much as you can in between all your activities. Plus, save you from all those excess fees! Depending on your preference and needs in a vacation home we have two homes in Florida that are sure to suit your needs. Visit both the Lake Berkley webpage or Greenlefe Condo to decide on which vacation home would suit your family vacation.  The benefits of renting a vacation home will truly astound you!



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